The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of humanity. When He sacrificed Himself on the cross, we were forever delivered from sin and death. When He rose from the dead, all of humanity rose with Him. This is the Good News!

Ecstatic Life is an announcement of the glory and ultimate satisfaction that has been purchased for us in the finished work of Christ. His all-encompassing work on the cross has a plethora of implications that affect us whether we recognize it or not. This book will plunge you into the depths of the Father’s heart for you. God so loved you that He was willing to give His life to restore you completely.

This book will stretch you and also bring you comfort in the experiential knowledge of your loving Savior. The finished work of Jesus Christ is an infinite well of satisfaction, and it is time for us to drink deeply of that well. The entire planet is yearning for the ecstasy of being fully known and embraced by the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Prepare to experience a love like never before in this revised and expanded edition of Ecstatic Life by Shane Runnels.

The trailer for this new book can be found below!